BANGALORE JOKES by Bangalorean....

Forwarded by Banglorian friend:

BANGALORE JOKES by Bangalorean....

👉If you throw a stone randomly in Bangalore, chances are, it will hit a dog or a software engineer.
While the dog may or may not have a strap around his neck, the software engineer will definitely have one! 😜

👉In India we drive on the left of the road.
In Bangalore, we drive on what is left of the road !😜

👉Q: What is the easiest way of causing traffic accidents in Bangalore?
A: Follow the traffic rules !😜

👉A guy is hunting for a house in Bangalore.
Meets old lady who is a potential landlord.
Conversation goes thus:
Old lady: "Where do you work, son?"
Guy: "I work in Infosys."
Old lady: "Oh, that bus company! Sorry, we rent only to good IT people!"
It appears that Infosys operates more buses than BMTC in Bangalore!😜

👉Bengaluru, where PG (Paying Guest) is the first business and IT, the second.😜

👉When someone says it's raining in Bangalore, be sure to ask them which area, which lane and which road!😜

👉If a Bengalurean stops at a traffic light, others behind him stop too because :
The others conclude that he has spotted a policeman that they themselves have not!😜

👉Bengaluru is the only city where distance is measured in units of time.😜

👉Rickshaw driver, grocery seller and common shop keeper think that you earn atleast 1 lakh per month if you are in IT sector.😜

👉Out of every 100 software engineers in Bengaluru,
90 are utterly frustrated and the rest have a gf/bf !😜

👉Bus drivers use horns instead of brakes !😜

👉I quote: Bengaluru:
The City where more people know Java than Kannada !

👉Universal answer in Bengaluru is "Adjust maadi!"

*Power cuts are the only time the whole family assembles together and members speak to each other.

Seeing this, BESCOM has decided to have a tagline called "Connecting people by disconnecting power"!