Three 'important things' on 1 May 2016:

Three 'important things' today (1 May 2016):

1. Rajini's Kabali movie teaser released.

What is Kabali's teaser?
I think I need not answer. All of you know.

2. Thala Ajith's Birthday.

Who is Thala Ajitha?
I think I need not answer. All of you know

3. NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) took place.

What is NEET?
I think I need to answer.

NEET is an all India entrance exam for admissions in medical courses. The marks scored by the students are considered for admission in courses like MBBS.

This exam was  introduced in 2012 by central govt, but this common test (based on CBSE syllabus) was opposed by many state govts (including Tamilnadu, Kerala, Maharashtra) as the 12th std syllabus varies from state to state and CBSE. In 2013, Supreme Court stayed this and the test was not conducted since then.

Another exam called AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test) is regularly conducted to fill the seats in medical institutions run by Central govt and few other states (including Haryana, Rajasthan, Odisha).

A couple of days back the Supreme Court held that NEET exam should be conducted. And, this year AIPMT test will be considered as NEET. As scheduled earlier, this AIPMT/NEET exam took place today.

Now, think of the Lakhs of students from TN and many other states who were thinking until 2 days back that only 12th std marks will be considered for admission in MBBS.

While the common entrance test is needed to standardize higher education and to set the standards, making the students write an exam in just 2 days notice which will decide the fate and future of Lakhs of them is totally unfair.


Judiciary can do anything they want. Politicians too don't care.

Politicians do things on which majority people are interested in. When people are so much interested in 'Kabali' Teaser and 'Thala' birthday, why care about NEET exam!! Just pull in as many as actors/actress for election campaign. That's what people talk about.

Politics in our country will change only when people change.