When you say, "Mom, 2 thosai will be enough for me.", she will bring you 4

🍛🍛🍛When you say, "Mom, 2 thosai will be enough for me.", she will bring you 4..🍛🍛🍛🍛

⏰📞⏰📞⏰When you're out, she will call you once in an hour.⏰📞⏰📞⏰

🍎🍎🍎When there are 3 apples and your family has 4 members, mom will say, "I don't like apples".🍎🍎🍎🍎

😴😶😴😶😴When you go to sleep with no blankets, you will definitely wake up with one. 😴😇😴😇😴😇

🍯🍪🍯🍪🍯When you're going away to another city or country, she will pack you a bunch of snacks specially made for you.
Then she will tell you, "Don't give all snacks to your friends. Eat it yourself."🍯🍪🍯🍪🍯

🎊⌛🎊⌛When coming back home after a long day, the first thing your mom would say, "Come and have dinner"⏰🍛⏰🍛⏰

📚⏰📚⏰📚Gonna study at midnight? Don't worry. Mom will make you tea, coffee or whatever snack you want and she will never complain about losing her sleep.☕🍼🍕🍟😓😊😴😷

🙏🙏🙏If it's for her children, mom will go to a temple no matter how far it is or how long it will take.🙏🙏🙏


At times, you may not like her.😪
You may get irritated by her. 😖😠😫
You may even abandon her. 😷😏😑🙈

✨But a mom will always be a mom. And you will always be her 👶child👶✨

😍😍😍She will never stop loving you..😍😍😍

No one in this world can take a mom's place

❤❤❤Dedicated to all the lovely moms on earth and in heaven❤❤❤...
If u LOVE ur mom then forward this message to all ur group...