Coffee-break humor

Coffee-break humor😃😃

There was this 50 year old lady, who suddenly started learning to swim instead of her usual routine of going to temple !!!!

Everyone was curious and asked her: "why the change of interest to swimming now?"

The lady, with a look of haplessness replied: "Whenever my son and daughter-in-law quarrelled, she would always ask: "If your mom and I were to fall into the water, who would you save first?"

And because I do not want to put my son in a difficult position, I am learning to swim myself!"


Now not long after, husband and wife were quarrelling again, and the daughter-in-law again unreasonably asked:" now tell me! If your mom and I fall into the water, who would you save first?"

Husband replied: "I don't have to get down into the water, my mom can swim, she will save you."

Wife refused to relent: "No, you have to get into the water, no matter what"

Husband replied: "Then you will surely die.... because I can't swim .... and my mom will definitely save me first."  😜😁😎